RTS - Dart Towel - Green Darts -  Free Shipping!

RTS - Dart Towel - Green Darts - Free Shipping!

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So you are playing in the big event and your a bit nervous, its hot, your hands are moist and you need something to dry them of with....    What do you do?  Use your Dart Towel!  We have various designs to fit your outlook that day.  The answer to all your needs!

Go to the Cart and Specify what design you want and we will ship that if it is available - if not we will send you a random selection from our ever changing inventory.

  • Each order is for 1 Single Dart Towel.
  • These are dye sublimation microfiber towels that are vibrant, super-soft, permanent prints that will never crack, peel or flake.
  • Product Code RTS-DT- 100.
  • This items ships in 2-5 business days - Free Shipping!

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